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      Terms of use

      Terms of Use

      Terms and Conditions for Use of an Online Store

      By confirming an order in the online system at, you declare that you agree to the general terms and conditions of sale of GENERIX PARTNERS products listed on this page.

      1. Liabilities and additional payments.

      1.1. When purchasing GENERIX PARTNERS products displayed at, you are obliged to pay to GENERIX PARTNERS the value displayed on the product page as well as all shipping costs for delivery to your request address or needed to get it from the office of the company.

      1.2. In the case of courier payment, prepayment through another system, or transfer to a bank account or microaccount, you are required to pay any fees on the value of courier services, banking institutions or other systems used to pay for products.

      1.3. Prices at are published in Bulgarian Leva and include VAT. The prices on our English page are published in EURO using convert rate for the day in Bulgaria.  If you pay by converting from another currency different from Bulgarian Leva through services such as PayPal, E-Pay or credit card, any costs or losses associated with the conversion from Bulgarian Lev to the currency you are paying for are at your expense.

      1. Conditions for obtaining products.

      2.1. For the seamless delivery of orders to the requested addresses outside Sofia GENERIX PARTNERS works with courier company Econt Express for Bulgaria and Speedy and DHL for another countries, but reserves the right to replace the courier company with other forwarding companies or not to use the services of these companies.

      2.2. The delivery terms and delivery prices are dictated by the terms of courier services. If you wish to receive your products through other types of postal services at your own expense and at your own risk, you may contact us by phone to clarify the details of the dispatch.

      2.3. GENERIX PARTNERS is not responsible for delays in deliveries due to natural disasters, holiday holiday days, logistics delays depending on shipping companies, incorrect delivery data by the recipient and / or inability of the courier to meet with the recipient.

      2.4. It is a mandatory condition for you to provide complete and accurate information about the recipient’s address, as well as a telephone / e-mail address to contact you and you.

      2.5. In case of absence of the recipient at the specified address at the agreed time, the shipment may be delivered to a colleague (upon delivery to an office, shop, etc.), relative (upon delivery to the home), reception (upon delivery to a hotel) the lack of a shipping option will be returned and can be taken from our office.

      1. Terms of use of the site.

      3.1. To order goods and products from the pages at, you need to provide a valid email address and contact phone number as well as your three names and PIN to issue an invoice to an individual or company registration information for issuing a company invoice. This information may be provided to the authorities subject to a legal requirement. E-mail addresses can be used to notify changes to the functionality of the site, major changes in the product range, or administrative messaging.

      3.2. In the process of purchasing or by contacting you, the team at may receive your personal data. In the interest of good practice, and with a view to protecting them, we do not keep a database of them except for those included in purchase documents as required by current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

      3.3. The team makes every effort to make the page work as well as possible but is not responsible for temporarily or permanently missing access to it. Disabling access to the page may result in the failure to submit or execute orders from

      1. Site materials

      4.1. The photos of products posted in the store at are copyrighted and can not be distributed, copied, and posted without the permission of the site’s authors.