MClimate Smart vacuum Maya


    Maya is a vacuum robot. In today’s busy everyday life, Maya is the ideal helper. It is effective and easy to manage, and your home is as neat as a new pin in the end of your working day.

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    Cleaning of different types of surface

    Maya effectively cleans different types of surfaces. You can rely on Maya to mop, clean and vacuums the floor at home.

    Manage with your smartphone

    By connecting through Wi-Fi or locally, the cleaning of your home is easier than ever.

    7000 mAh battery

    With Maya’s battery life, you can be calm that its work is never left unfinished.

    Ultra-sound system against collision

    Maya’s precise sensors reports every object which it would have stumbled on its path by creating a virtual image of the room.

    Programmed mode

    You can choose between Auto, Wall-F and Sport cleaning. Fast and easy Maya does its chores on its own.

    Compact design

    With Maya’s 6 cm width its suitable for cleaning the out of reach places under your furniture.

    Automatic charging

    After the cleaning is done and the battery is almost out of charge, Maya’s self-charging technology will take her to her charging station.

    Filter system

    Maya’s triple filtering system prevents dust leakage and a possibility of pollution is impossible.

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