Pellet set “Ferroli” Sun Pellet

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    SUN PELLET is a new cast iron model pellet boiler. The pellet set includes a pellet burner of FERROLI SUN PN and a container for storage of pellets

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    The power of the boiler is in the range from 22.5 to 62.5 kW.
    The power of the SUN P7N burner is from 13 to 34 kW, and of the SUN P12N from 30 to 55 kW.


    The body of the pellet boiler is made of high quality, resistant to high heat loads and amplitudes cast iron ribs, interconnected by nipples.
    The specially shaped elements of the pellet boiler and the good distribution of gases in the chamber, and the low water content provide excellent heat exchange and low thermal inertia.
    FERROLI pellet boilers have a robust construction and high efficiency and low levels of CO and NOx emissions.


    The boiler control panel is located on the burner itself.
    There are 20 controllable burner parameters
    Weekly schedule.

    More important information

    Container 195 l or 350 l. for less frequent charging of the equipment.
    The modern concept of the boiler, the advanced technology and the quality of the construction ensure its economy and reliability.
    Approved according to the European standard for energy efficiency EN 303-5 and a credit reduction of 20% is provided under the program for the purchase of new energy saving equipment.

    The pellet set includes:

    • Cast iron boiler “FERROLI” SFL
    • Pellet burner FERROLI SUN P7N or SUN P12N
    • Pellet container with a capacity of 195 liters or 350 liters.
    Power, kW

    32kW, 42kW, 52kW, 62kW