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      Smart Home

      Most recently what people think about when we talk about Smart home is the possibility to control your appliances at home, from your smartphone. But Smart Home is a lot more than just the next modern remote. In some cases, to be able to turn your water heater from a distance while you’re travelling home from vacation is convenient, but the biggest advantage is when your home is creating the comfort, right temperature and security for itself.

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      Forget for the thousand phone apps and difficult ways to make your smart devices to communicate each other. All our products are integrated and certified to work with the Apple Homekit and the voice assistant Siri. Because of it you can be sure that all smart device in your home or office will communicate each other and you will have the real, secured and stable integrated smart system, which you will be able to manage from one place – locally and remotely. Of course if you would like you can use Alexa, Android devices or Google Assistant to communicate and set the devices.

      Natural gas

      Natural gas is one of the most inexpensive energy source and the most popular choice for heating, cooking and hot water in Europe. Natural gas appliances are economical. With them you heat up your home, you cook and you ensure to yourself hot water for a lot less amount of energy.

      Natural gas provides exceptional comfort for the whole family and is in your disposal at any given time. The safety of using natural gas in your home is guaranteed by complying to the largest criteria for safety and quality in Europe, which are strictly followed when your gas installation is built.

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